Upcoming Tour and Fall plans!

Well, I am finally done with the rough draft of Automaton‘s sequel. It was a hard book to write in places. I don’t usually write sequels, and I wanted to keep it fresh while still maintaining a sense of progression from the first book. While the draft is pretty rough in places, I think I can polish it well enough to release it sometime over the winter.

Now for some awesome announcements! First, the tour. I’ve been more or less planning a steampunk blog tour for September, and now that I’m done writing for a while I’m going to contact a bunch of people and see if I can make that happen! I already have one interested blog and am hoping to reach out to a much broader audience than before. Unfortunately, because of the huge amount of editing I’ll need to do and the fact that I’m moving to a new state over the next few weeks, I’ll need to delay the tour. My guess is for early November. Stay tuned.

Second, about the book. Books. Series? Originally, Automaton was supposed to be a single novel, but when I was writing it I quickly realized that it wouldn’t work. There was no way I could work in everything I wanted to say in a single, streamlined narrative. It just wouldn’t work. I had world details, background info. Places where I wanted to stop writing and scream, “But there’s more to this that you don’t know yet!”

The new book, so far untitled, should take care of  most of those while introducing new ideas and expanding the universe further. I like designing universes. For that reason, I have both good and bad news about future books. Bad news first: I think Ada’s story is largely finished for now. I got her where I wanted to get her, and I feel good about it. If I write any more about her at this point I think it would come across as forced and unoriginal. The good news is that I still have ideas for the universe of Automaton. While I might take a break before designing a new storyline, I’m positive that new storylines with different–and maybe some repeat–characters will appear sooner or later. I’m not stressing out about it. For now I’m going to focus more on making this new book the best possible. It already has much more emotional depth than Automaton and answers a lot of potential questions while still introducing a string of newness. It also has a much more satisfactory ending, and the biggest thing that I need to work on is keeping it consistent and strengthening the overall flow of the story.

And one final announcement before I log off and plan the tour more thoroughly: the audiobook version of Automaton should be released about August ninth. That’s this Sunday. Woo-hoo!


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