Looking Ahead by Looking Behind

The book tour is winding to a close, though because of numerous delays on both my part and the part of my reviewers, most–if not all–the posts won’t even go live for another few days. As I see it, it’s time to start looking at the progress I’ve made with Automaton and see how I should handle the sequel, which I plan on writing sometime in the next couple months.

Automaton has been my best seller. It has a record number of three reviews, all five stars (the previous record was a single four-star review) from reputable reviewers. I’ve gotten strangers to read it and enjoy it. I’ve made a jaw-dropping total of 8 sales over the past couple weeks (I know it doesn’t sound like much, but it’s a record for the opening weeks for me). Hey, I’ve even earned money into the double-digits! More than enough to pay for the paid promotion I tried out (that resulted in zilch).

I’ve definitely moved forward… but I’m not content. I haven’t explored all possibilities yet and still need to look at translation options available. It’s hard work, and I don’t want it to be in vain.

So with the sequel coming, I want to do the right thing, make the right choices. No paid promotion until I find something better–and something that I can afford. Money is a serious issue here, as much as I wish it weren’t.  While there are tons of free and inexpensive options available, they are very limited in reach. Basically, I can only reach people who are actively looking for a young adult steampunk novel called Automaton, and that’s not a very big crowd!

There is one way around this that I am considering trying for the next book. Crowdfunding. Specifically Pubslush, a crowd funder designed for books. I spoke with one of the owners a couple months ago and got some tips for crowdfunding a book, but I’m nervous about it. There’s a list of specific things I’ll need to pay for: a cover, review copies, professional formatting, a better book tour with better giveaways (hard copies, anyone?), a personalized ISBN with increased availability through libraries and bookstores, physical promotional materials, author signings and public speaking events, etc. It would be really nice to get all this, and right now there’s no way I can do it alone.

So, what do you think, readers? Should I do it? If so, I will need to begin crowdfunding instantly. I don’t know what rewards I’ll make available. Only about 40% of book crowd funders actually meet their goals, so I’ll need everyone’s support.

Please share your thoughts on this! It would mean almost as much as the money itself at this point!


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  1. I think your defiantly in a lack of exposure mode. You will probly need to spend some money to get exposure. I would recommend reaching out to some YouTubers that do a book club style show or are related to your books somehow and send them some copies. Might have to offer some sort of promotion for there viewers as well though. The greatest story ever told will live in obscurity if nobody ever hears it. As for the crowd funding I would say thats fine if you need the money but don’t do it for publicity. Crowd funding would be more appropriate if you were trying to fund a publishing run I think. You need to get enough followers to justify a significant publishing run still. The reviews show you’ve got the talent just need to focus on exposure.


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