Tour Kickoff + Free Book + Five Stars

It’s Sunday, the 17th. Right now, I was supposed to be in the middle of an interview with Kori Miller on Back Porch Writer, but instead I’m curled up on my couch, typing a blog post while sipping some hot tea. There were last minute technical difficulties that have resulted in a rescheduling of the interview for I don’t know when.

But the kickoff itself isn’t canceled. That’s been pretty much set in stone for a while when I decided to spend one of my books’ five free days on Amazon on the five days leading up to Automaton‘s release. So yes–my sci-fi adventure Mostly Human is free right now as an e-book. And last I checked I had 16 downloads today. That might not sound like a high number, but I think my previous record was four or five.

Another bit of awesomeness for the day is that I got my first published review today. Tome Tender gave Automaton a full five stars and called it “brilliant” with excellent characters and a sleek Steampunk feel that even non-Steampunk fans and those new to the genre will appreciate!

My next (scheduled!) tour event is a blog post on Thursday. That should be simple enough to put together, and I’ll have more exciting news to share!


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