Don’t Take It Personally: Fangirls vs. Critics

I’ve heard back from a lot of reviewers by now and have at least seven tour stops planned. Mostly, the responses I’ve gotten have been shockingly positive. They love the cover, they love the blurb, they love Ada and gadgets and the adventure. I didn’t know people could like it so much, considering it’s so short and doesn’t have a romance (yet)!

But today was a little different. I got ready for the day, checked my emails, and… someone rejected my review proposal. She left a short (and a little too blunt) email saying that she wasn’t the best reader for my book and is not going to review it. That was that.

Submitting to reviewers is different from submitting to publishers or agents. When it comes to publishers, even a hesitant yes is better than the kindest refusal. I guess that explains my natural reaction of tears stinging my eyes and the feeling that my writing is secretly horrible and no one will ever love it and I should never have started this campaign to begin with.

But this is different. A refusal from a reviewer is a midway point, not the low point. The low point would be a single star monologue listing everything wrong with it and criticizing everything that isn’t. I guess I should be thankful that she decided to refuse it rather than read it and give it a low rating. And hey, most people still seem pretty positive. I’ve connected with several of them on social media, and they’re excited to get the word out about Automaton.


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