Full Time!

I’ve spent the past few days revising, perfecting, and submitting Automaton to reviewers. So far, I have five or six confirmed reviews (woo-hoo!) and am thinking about setting up a blog tour to showcase the adventure.

It’s been a lot of work.

So much work that, with my deadlines, I finally decided that I couldn’t afford to work on this book on the side. I’m now working on this full time. Usually, I keep myself occupied by managing my website, Finish That Novel. It’s not a lucrative business, but my following is steadily growing while I pick up more writing tricks by the week. Fortunately, I focused on making it more of a resource than a blog, so I can take a few weeks off without losing too much traction.

I’m excited to see the attention that Automaton has gotten so far and look forward to watching it grow!


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