Concrete Goals from Wild Guessing

Automaton is now up for preorder on Kindle, and I’m working on promoting. I’ve experimented with online promotions before–I know that it’s a lot of work and that success comes in fast but brief streaks. In other words… I have no idea how this will work out. I’ve never done pre-orders or put one of my books in the public eye like this before. Will it fizzle? Please don’t fizzle. Don’t fizzle!

One thing that I picked up from IndieReCon is that concrete goals are a good thing. Solid numbers and hard dates. I agree with that. How will I know how successful I am if I’m not judging by anything? So I decided that I should set a goal by release date, something that will give me something to aim for and measure myself by. The downside is that I have no idea what to expect. In the past, five pre-order sales would have been challenging, but doable. But I think my chances are better now. I’m going to aim higher.

Fifty copies by opening day, May 22. That’s my goal. None of the sales will register until then, so it should boost my visibility. But fifty copies is a big number.

Yeah, I’m jittery. I keep flipping from excitement to dread. I fear I’ll either be a big-time success or I’ll go down as one of those bad, vanity-press writers who thinks she’s so much better than she is.

So my gamble. Fifty copies. I’m crossing my fingers!


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